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Living Room

The living room is where families spend a majority of their time, although often times we aim to relax in the living room. This is the area where the family congregates to watch TV or play games.


The garage can take many forms depending on the family. Garages can be used for storage or a workshop. Some Families even convert the garage into an additional room.


When it comes to cleanliness it all starts in the bathroom. Families often takes turns preparing for the day in this crucial room. The bathroom is rarely seen for the import role it plays in our life.


The kitchen is where most families entertain guests and cook meals for their loved ones. The kitchen typically holds the highest priority to many families as it is seen most by our guests.

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Residential or Commercial

Do you need residential home or rental maintenance, repair or installation services in Sacramento, Or a nearby city? Do you need commercial property or building maintenance near Sacramento, California. We’ve been doing maintenance on homes and businesses in the Sacramento for years. Local Professional Home & Business Service providers are available 24 hours & 7 days a week.

When it comes to House Maintenance we can fix an electrical outlet, replace a sink, paint your deck or just about any other home or rental maintenance service around the house. We are happy to help your house maintain it’s value and keep your rental producing as an appreciating investment.

When it comes to Business Maintenance we can remove graffiti, pressure wash the exterior, replace a sign or just about any other business or commercial maintenance service around your office. Our LocalPro’s are Happy to help with just about any service to help keep your business attractive and profitable.

Residential Or Commercial

Repair & Installations

  • Kitchen Repairs and Installations
  • Garage Repairs and Installations
  • Bathroom Repairs and Installations
  • Outdoor Repairs and Installations
  • Office Repairs and Installations
  • Landscape Repairs and Installations

Best Customer Service

Affordable maintenance, repairs, cleaning and installations of just about everything in your home or business. Our success comes from our communication and attention to our clients. We take pride in every detail in each and every job we complete. The residents of Sacramento and its surrounding cities have come to call us year over year.

Our clients consist of homeowners, renters, landlords, business owners and companies. Everything from residential, commercial, to industrial.

Each of our Local Professional Maintenance Service Providers is completely trained and insured to provide you complete peace of mind. Our professionals are tested in various types of repairs and supported by our general contractor. This ensures every job will be completed and every job is handled with quality and care. We are constantly training and expanding the teams knowledge and expertise.

We train our staff that our customers are like our family and everyone deserves the best service we can provide.

Property Cleaning Services

Sacramento’s Choice Local Prorofessional Maintenance, Repair and Cleaning Company

  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Solar Panel Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Trash Removal
  • Move In and Move Out Cleaning
  • Yard Maintenance

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