What We Do.

Local Pro Home Services provides all home cleaning and repair services to Sacramento Valley.

How We Do It.

We approach every job with professionalism and enthusiasm. We feel privileged that you rely on us to help you create the home of your dreams.

Where We Do It.

We provide our home services to all of Sacramento Valley residential or commercial properties.

Our Mission

It’s been our mission to provide complete home and property maintenance service, that encompasses all areas of the average property. We realized early that we could outperform and provide more value than other companies by adding additional home services for all areas of the home and property. our company is able to provide multiple services at the same time which will lower the costs of service while we can still maintain quality of service. You the homeowner benefits the most from our complete home services company.

We understand what you really want and what it takes to make it happen. You can always be certain that you will receive reliable, quality workmanship, at a cost effective products. Many of our tradesmen are experienced in all trades so that only need to call one company to complete your project. Local Pro Handyman  tradesmen are honest, trustworthy, dependable, courteous, and professional. We take time to explain to you what is needed to complete your job professionally.

Our Promise

When you choose Local Pro Home Services, you can be sure you’re hiring a highly-reliable, well-established company with proven expertise. All of the services we offer, are great both for the home owner and the property. Our commitment to quality craftsmanship comes through in the high-quality materials we use, management of every project. In fact, only a handful of companies in the entire state of California have all of our services for both the residential and commercial property maintenance.

Our promise of craftsmanship is backed by our word-in writing. In addition to any manufacturer’s warranty on materials, LocalPro Home Services provides a clear scope of work with every project, we warranty our scope of work. If your project isn’t performing properly because of a defect in our work, we’ll fix it.