Pressure Washing Sacramento

Pressure washing is an effective and fast way to clean siding, decks, driveways, and additional exterior portions of your home or business. To pressure wash the right way, without the expense and hassle of renting yourself a power washer, call the Pressure Washing Service Sacramento for the most professional power washing service Sacramento and get the clean deck, driveway, siding today! Renting yourself a power washer will cost about $120 each day. Pressure Washing Sacramento will arrive on your property with our pressure washer on hand, with ladders, and proper sized hoses plus desired degreasers or detergents, and expertly trained power wash staff. Our pressure washing staff always uses the appropriate pressure settings and nozzle for every job. This means you don’t have to travel from and to the pressure washing rental provider, stand in line, prepare the machine, clean the desired surface, refuel and return the machine by the end of the day. Although, you’re siding, deck, garage floor or driveway will appear like new. Pressure washers are fantastic tools when brightening and cleaning fences, walkways, outdoor play equipment, masonry, and garage doors.

Power Washing Sacramento

While making the exterior of your house look new again, thoroughly pressure washing will reduce the tear and wear when removing the dirt, algae, mold, chalk, weeds and insects that decay and create damage to masonry and wood, and destroying protective stain and paint. Pressure washing will also make outdoor equipment sanitary, removing oil stains and plants from walkways and driveways, and this is the perfect preparation for any exterior staining or painting projects. Just ensure you always watch the water pressure. Different applications have an optimal pressure and nozzle setting. Power washing with lower degree nozzles can carve concrete and splinter wood. We provide full-day rates and half-day, which means after your insured, bonded, professional from Pressure Washing Sacramento completes your power washing they can move toward other projects on your honey dew list, from routine deck maintenance to drywall repair. Our Pressure Washing Sacramento beautifies and maintain your house all while you spend additional time doing whatever you love. Pressure Washing Sacramento is your Residential, Commercial and Industrial Sacramento power washing service offering the professional, highest quality, plus reliable pressure washing for customers throughout Sacramento. Pressure Washing Service Sacramento will bring a NEW LOOK to your business or home. Our power washing staff knows you will choose us to become your premier pressure washing company. When seeing means believing were happy to deliver our crew to you to demonstrate our abilities. That way you will see our incredible results from our power washing team. Our techniques will keep your home safe and protect every inch.

How Pressure Washing Sacramento stay ahead of our competition?

We consistently educate our staff. Our team members attend power washing conventions, seminars, trade shows and manufacturers demo their latest cleaners, chemicals, methods and stains. Our Pressure Washing Professionals only use the industry’s highest quality cleaners and chemicals to protect your lawn, buildings, children and pets. We invest the resources and time in order to become the experts to improve and protect your investment. We provide chemical solutions which have been approved with the EPA and OSHA. No job too big or too small for Pressure Washing Sacramento Call today.

Maintenance contracts:

Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Annually, Semiannual. Estimate a free, no obligation quote, call (916) 739-2717 or request your free estimate today. Have your driveway cleaned for $99. This is a special offer for the month of February. Our pressure washer operates at 195 degrees and 5000 pounds pressure. Pressure Washing is a Key element in Maintaining and Restoring the Beauty of your Home and Business… We offer Professional Pressure Washing in Sacramento for Exterior Cleaning, Maintenance or Restoration for Your Home, Roof tops, Drive ways, Decks & Docks or Business! We remove dirt, grime, mold & mildew, moss, cobwebs, oil, grease, and more. Residential Property Cleaning: House Washing, Gutter and Down Spout Wash , Chimney Wash, Driveway Wash, Walk Way Wash, Step and Porch Wash, Fence Wash, Garage Wash, Patio Wash, Pool Deck Wash, Deck Wash. Commercial Property Cleaning: Side Walks, Store Fronts, Building Cleanings, Strip Malls, Office Parks, Condominiums, Town Homes, Home Builders, Power Wash Awnings and Signs, Gum and Tough Stain Removal. Flat concrete areas like parking lots, driveways, sidewalks are no problem. We have a state of art surface cleaner that cleans 36 inch areas with 5000 LBS pressure at 190 degrees. At this temperature gum, grease and grime literally melt away.

During the month of February we are offering a special on driveways. Any two car driveway 50 foot long or shorter for $99.

This is a good video on cleaning the shingles on your roof by Pressure Washing the mold and alge off.

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Need a free inspection or free estimate call us to schedule it now! We offer free estimates on Pressure Washing installation, repair or replacement.

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Need a free estimate call us to schedule it now! We offer free estimates on Pressure Washing installation, repair or replacement. We are available any time!

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Need a free inspection or free estimate call us to schedule it now! We offer free estimates on Pressure Washing, installation, repair or replacement.

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